Donna Paul Art

The Big Ask:

Donna Paul is a talented late-in-life-learner. She has picked up painting in the past few years and was ready to start showing her work. She had an idea of what she wanted to do and how she wanted to present herself but didn’t know where to start.

The Solution:

I discussed having a portfolio with her and over the course of a few weekends I was able to photograph her work, get it website ready and upload it into a simple WordPress template.

I created a simplistic logo featuring the first letter of each word in the header she wanted for her website. Because we wanted to keep it modern and timeless we used a very nice, bolded Sans Serif for the logo and the headers of the website. Initially she felt that the circular aesthetic with the caps read like a beer label so I added a paint brush flourish.

The photos I took of her work are high resolution so she can sell prints and use them to create a print portfolio. I walked her through how to photograph and edit her own work in the future and upload them to her website.  I discussed some great self marketing techniques and asked her to keep her Facebook friends updated on her website.

She really didn’t know how to articulate her art style into a bio so after a short discussion of her work and some head shots we got something short and sweet for the website for people that don’t know her.

Blank Horizontal Business Cards on Wooden Table

The last thing I felt she needed was a set of business cards and a template for when she lands her first art show. I got her set up with her own domain name and used an online print service to order business cards I designed for her.

Interested in her art? Check out her full website and bio here.

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