Sweets on the Streets


The Big Ask:

A full-time nurse, part-time baker came to me through a recommendation of a friend. She wanted to start a food truck named “Sweets on the Streets”. She knew that she wanted to incorporate pink and imagery of a street sign or a wheel. Because the food truck is a mobile business without a store front, she wanted to have a strong digital presence so people can find her when they want some baked goods.

bakerybranding c2The Solution:

After going back and forth, we eventually got to a completely different idea. We kept the simple sans serif caps of the street signs combined with some hand lettering to achieve a flirty, girly and hip logo that can be applied to many different mediums.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 6.54.28 PMI liked the circular shape because it could be an arial view of a cupcake, a cookie and it’s round like a wheel.

After setting up style standards and a simple website with a menu, finding potential customers through Facebook and social media would be best because her truck is always on the move was the next step. I offered 2 options, just a photo of the product to meet the highest optimization of the Facebook ads (less than 20% text) and a more text heavy image for her to use that incorporated the branding I had created.




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